Animal health is an area that focuses on several issues relating to food safety, such as control and elimination of animal diseases and pests, ensuring animal health and welfare, combatting animal epidemics, controlling and preventing zoonotic diseases (such as anthrax, tuberculosis, brucellosis, bird flu, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, etc.). Animal source foods have an important place in a balanced diet. Animal products such as meat, milk and eggs are essential for the mental and physical development of infants and children. Today, it is recommended to obtain 40-60% of daily protein intake from animal source foods, depending on age group. In developed countries, consumers prefer animal products with high food safety as in the case in vegetable products.

Human health is directly related to animal health. Zoonotic diseases (such as rabies, brucellosis, mad cow, bird flu, tuberculosis, etc.) may be transmitted through both direct contact and consumption of animal products. Moreover, animal products may cause food poisoning if technical and hygienic rules are not complied with for the entire processing chain from the farm to the table. Therefore, animal health and animal products must be closely monitored and controlled in order to protect human health. Turkish food industry strictly abides by animal health rules concerning food safety while producing animal products.

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