According to the Law on Technology Development Zones, the term Research and Development (R&D) denotes creative work carried out on a systematic basis to increase accumulation of knowledge derived from the culture, people and society for designing new processes, systems and applications, including software.

R&D activities are grouped under three main titles:

Basic Research: Experimental and theoretical studies carried out in order to acquire new information on the basis of primary facts and observable phenomena without any exclusive use or application. Applied Research: Unique studies carried out for obtaining new information for a specific practical purpose or goal.

Experimental Development: Systematic study building up on existing information obtained through researches or practical experience to develop new materials, products or devices, establish new processes, systems or services, or significantly improve existing ones.

Today, R&D and innovation have become indispensable components of competition. Countries that support their industry with effective R&D incentives are at the top of the global competition. As a country, we expect our R&D activities to create high-tech products that will add value to our economy and increase our competitiveness in global markets.

Turkish government supports and encourages R&D activities in the private sector through the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Industry and Technology as well as the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) with the goals of generating technological knowledge that will help make Turkey internationally competitive, innovating on products and production processes, improving product quality and standards, increasing productivity, decreasing production costs, commercializing technological know-how, enhancing pre-competition cooperation, accelerating direct foreign investments in high-tech production, innovation and R&D, and innovation, and enhancing employment for R&D personnel and skilled labor.

Based on the data from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, there are 584 R&D centers in Turkey as of July 2017. 5.8% (34) of those specialize in agriculture and food.According to the results of R&D Activities Survey conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute, total R&D expenditure of the food & beverage industry, which was TL 29.4 million in 2005, increased by nearly 4.1 times to reach TL 119.7 million in 2015. Total employee count in food & beverage R&D grew 2.1 times in the same decade, rising to 1,004 in 2015.

Despite the increase, R&D in the food industry is still not at the desired level.

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